The company:

Prometh GmbH – Prometh stands for process measuring technique and high frequency systems- was founded in 1996 in Francfort, Germany by chemists and engineers.
Prometh is the only company in the world which applies microwave spectroscopy for the quantitative process analysis of different gaseous compounds.

Area of business:

Prometh GmbH manufactures the analyzer MIPAN®, a microwave-process-analyzer for the quantitative measurement in complex gas mixtures. The outstanding (striking) feature of MIPAN is its absolute selectivity which means that a single  compound can be detected without cross interference. The measuring cell of MIPAN is a high frequency resonator which has been patented world wide. 

Current developments serve the improvement of the measuring characteristics and the optimization of the price/performance ratio.

Other products:

Prometh GmbH manufactures and supplies the high frequency components for the MIPAN-systeme used for inspection of PET-bottles before refilling them (Company Unisensor). In this industrial area MIPAN is well established as a very stable and sturdy detection systeme, which stands the test since years even in a rough environment with regard to vibration, high humidity and a strange variety of accompaneeing gaseous compounds..

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